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Mold, What Is It ?

What Is Mold? Mold is not a plant or an animal it is a fungus that grows in multicellular thread-like structures and can be beneficial or detrimental depending on the circumstance it appears. Some molds can cause diseases, allergic reactions, food spoilage, or just the opposite by producing antibiotics and numerous foods and beverages. Mold emanates a smell of must even if not yet visible to the naked eye. Air quality will quickly plummet causing indoor air quality to affect human respiratory systems. Common symptoms of mold exposure include…      Tough breathing      Sinus infections      Bronchitis      Pneumonia      Migraines / headaches      Sore throat… Read More

Atlanta Has Mold In The Crawl Space

Atlanta and Mold Here in Atlanta we have one of the best climates in the United States and there is no better place to move to when you have endured horrible winters in another region. It seams like everyone in Atlanta came from some where else ( self included).The winters are mild and spring through fall is usually very enjoyable with the exception of the occasional blistering summer days. One of the draw backs to living in Atlanta is the high humidity which anyone who's lived here long enough will tell you never gets easier to live with. This humidity… Read More

Decatur GA Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting Decatur GA  What is Soda Blasting? In 2010 the city of Decatur adopted an ordinance for the removal of graffiti. The art and tagging was removed using soda blasting. Soda blasting is abrasive blasting using the chemical sodium bicarbonate commonly known as baking soda in order to strip impurities or smooth a surface. The Flood-X professionals leave your home looking its best with the soda blasting technology. Soda blasting is the preferred choice due to the environmentally safe materials, quick job, relatively affordable cost, and the less aggressive technique compared to sandblasting. Soda blasting can be easily washed… Read More

Atlanta Wood Floor Drying

Atlanta Wood Floor Drying Atlanta, Georgia has grown tremendously since it was founded in 1836 and will continually develop. It’s estimated by the year 2020 there will be around 5.7 million in Georgia; as for today in 2016 the population for Atlanta Georgia is 500,000. Atlanta is an economical and cultural hub and is a style savvy area with historical and modern buildings. Wood flooring was common in the 19th century and still is a widespread choice today in Atlanta homes for a chic look. However, flooding occurred often and drying wood floors required prior knowledge preferably by a professional.… Read More

4 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your Home

4 Ways to Prevent Mold In Your Home Mold surrounds our homes and businesses in spore form. These spores mix with the inside air of our homes and have the potential to grow on surfaces, contents ect. if the right environment is made available. The only condition mold really requires is humidity and food source ( anything organic). To prevent mold we need to take certain steps in certain areas of the home. 1. Crawl spaces: The crawl space is perfect for mold growth, you have wood joists ( food source) and dampness. To prevent the build up of dampness… Read More

Clean Or Remove Moldy Drywall

Mold On Drywall Can It Be Cleaned? Occasionally I am asked if mold that has grown on sheetrock walls can be cleaned or does it need replaced. Short answer is sometimes.First lets understand the material we are dealing with before we decide to clean or remove moldy drywall. Drywall (also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board) is a panel constucted of gypsum plaster compressed between two thick sheets of paper. The "paper" is the real issue. If you have mold growing on paper there is no way to clean or restore it. Now the thing is we paint the walls… Read More

Dacula GA, Water Damage

Dacula Water Damage Service At any time a small catastrophe can hit your home or business in the form of water damage. If you reside in Dacula GA then your in luck, FloodX is just around the corner. Immediate response is imperative to reduce damages caused by water or mold contamination. As a premier first responder FloodX can return your home or business to pre-loss condition. We operate twenty four hours a day, bill all insurance companies direct and are fully licensed and insured. Don't let your water damage issue be a burden call us for a free quote and… Read More

Summer Time Air Conditioner leaks

Constant AC Running Causes Water Damage This time of year we get a lot of calls for small water damages related to the AC ( air conditioner) leaking. Atlanta summers are relentless and the AC is machine that we can not imagine living with out. Unfortunately, the AC is a machine and like all machines it can break down. One of the most common calls is for a leak coming from the unit. Typically it is a condensate issue. The AC is churning away all day trying to keep the home cool and with a blistering 95F + weather outside… Read More

Should I Buy A Home With Mold In Atlanta ?

Finding the perfect home in Atlanta is a difficult prospect at best. Once you find the right neighborhood in Atlanta with the right schools the quest to find the right home begins. So should you buy a home with mold ?. You may have found the right area and schools but the perfect 4 bedroom with a basement has an issue.. Now lets say you decide to throw caution to the wind and just buy it. You are a free spirit and love taking risks, I commend your lifestyle and believe you will live a long stress free life. On… Read More

Cost to Remove Mold Crawl Space Atlanta ?

How much does it cost to remove mold from a crawl space in Atlanta ? This question is one we receive daily at our offices in Atlanta. Mold in the crawl space is a consistent battle in  the Southern U.S. Our high temperatures and  choking humidity along with heavy rains in the spring are a recipe for mold in the crawl space. [caption id="attachment_104" align="alignright" width="379"] Water flooding caused crawl space mold[/caption]  First we have to understand the cost of mold remediation may difference in accordance with the dimensions, accessibility and severity of  damage in the crawl space. A standard… Read More